William’s Pottying

William began taking off his diaper and using the potty on his own at 19 months. He still has occasional accidents if he’s distracted during play or if he can’t make it to the potty in time. If we watch him really well, we can completely avoid accidents. 

William Pretends

William enjoys pretend play. He will hop like a frog and say, “ribbit, ribbit”. He also enjoys pretending to be a cat or a dog, complete with meows or barks. He sings his ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, and Row Row Row Your Boat, among other songs. He says “otay” instead of okay. It’s very cute!

William’s Speech

William has been talking for a while: saying Mama, Dada, off, on, dog, cat, truck, bus. Now he’s started to articulate the endings of words, such as the -f sound in off. Today he imitated me saying cracker! He is the sweetest, cuddliest baby although the temper tantrums have definitely begun. He always wants to play with dangerous or messy things; fragile glasses, lotion, Chapstick, constantly tries to get into the fridge. When he’s denied he cries and flops on the floor, or runs to the living room to bury his face in the couch and pound his fists on the cushions. Completely adorable. 


After months of scooting on his bottom or army crawling, William is crawling now. He’s also pulling up to stand. He plays with cars and trucks like a big boy, running them along the ground with his hands, as opposed to the babyish way he used to just pick an object up and examine it. Estella has started to draw figures. She drew some “people” with round circles for heads and long lines going down. Exciting stuff!